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Drilling and Blasting

Specialists in the field of precision drilling and explosive blasting, we have qualified shotfirers with experience in controlled explosive blasting and underwater explosive blasting.

Cervan Marine has over 25 years experience across Australia in a diverse range of areas and conditions.

We offer a full range of drilling and blasting services to the mining, construction and marine industries.

Our experience and knowledge allows us to develop the best solutions for your needs utilizing our wide range of specialized personnel and plant.

Our expertise allows us to successfully deliver onshore and offshore explosive projects including pipeline trenches to any specifications.

Cervan Marine is the only contractor recognised for drill and blast in close proximity to railway line.

If it is precision drilling and blasting you need, then Cervan Marine is the specialist in the field.

Some of our recent work includes;
  • M.O.F Road – Dampier
    Client: BGC Contracting for Woodside Petroleum
    Drilling and blasting of 8000 m³ of high density basalt within 3m of bitumen roads, 20m from office buildings, ablutions and 100m of marine activities
  • Clackline
    Client: Riverlea for Main Roads WA
    Drill and blast of 3000m³ of granite within 1m of Great Eastern Highway and 25m of the old heritage listed Clackline Bridge. A P.P.V. of under 5mm/second was achieved
  • Gas Pipeline
    Client: Saipem for Alinta Gas
    12000 metres of drill and blast in varying conditions to create a trench 1.8m deep by 1.0m wide within 6-7m of live Dampier to Bunbury gas pipeline. All blasts had to be under a P.P.V. of 50mm/second
  • Railway lines
    Client: John Holland for BHP Billiton Iron Ore
    5000m³ drill and blast of granite within 3m of existing live railway line between Port Hedland and Newman. P.P.V. of under 100mm/second was achieved on all blasts
  • Red Hill Waste Management Facility
    Client: Ertech
    6000m³ of drill and blast of granite within waste facility where all blasting had been disallowed because of previous contractors. Project completed successfully and endorsed by Eastern Metropolitan Regional Shire

Marine Blasting

Cervan Marine completed 2700 metres of sub-sea trench for the installation of a communication cable from Indonesia to Western Australia. Testing was conducted within 500 metres of the Port Hedland Township.

We have carried out 6000 square metres of high spot removal in the Port Hedland Port Authority Shipping Channel.

Some of our recent work includes:

  • Underwater Communications Trench
    Client: Alcatell-TCL
    Use of explosives to create 2700m of trench 1m deep within 500m of Port Hedland township. Trench was used by Telstra for a communication cable coming into Australia from Indonesia.
  • High Spot Removal in Port Hedland Shipping Channel
    Client: Port Hedland Port Authority.
    Drilling and Blasting high spots underwater in Port Hedland Shipping Channel.


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