Cervan Marine Pty Ltd
ABN 64 083 002 724
51 Wilson Street, Port Hedland WA 6721
PO Box 889, Port Hedland WA 6721
T 08 9173 2146
F 08 9173 1403
E admin@cervanmarine.com

About Us

Cervan Marine Pty Ltd is a privately owned company based in Port Hedland and has been operating from the Pilbara for over 30 years.

Over the past 30 years of business in Port Hedland, Cervan Marine has grown dramatically from only have one drill rig 20 years ago to now having 6 drill rigs ranging from an excavator mounted Montabert drill rig to an Atlas Copco ROC F9C blast hole rig.

Our company consists of two major business areas, which are Drilling and Blasting and a complete Service Provider to Port Hedland Port users.

We specialise in precision blasting within close proximity of vibration sensitive structures and pipelines and cable trenches on and offshore.

Our drill rigs have the ability to meet all our clients’ needs including development work, drilling and installing earthstakes including the earth enhancing compound, drilling and blasting alongside railway lines and drilling over pipe and railway lines with our Montabert drill rig. We also have the ability to marinise our air-track drill rig for sub sea drilling.

The service we provide to all the Port Hedland Port users varies from day to day. The main service we provide is maintenance on a variety of structures and equipment.

The structures and equipment include copper, manganese and DAI fines receiveal and load out facilities, testing and unloading fuel tankers, ship repairs for shipping agents, dive surveys and complete asset management for the Port Hedland Port Authority.

Track Record

We have a proven track record for drilling, blasting, pile driving, marine construction and maintenance.
  • Underwater Communications Trench
    Client: Alcatell-TCL
    Use of explosives to create 2700m of trench 1m deep within 500m of Port Hedland township. Trench was used by Telstra for a communication cable coming into Australia from Indonesia.
  • High Spot Removal in Port Hedland Shipping Channel
    Client: Port Hedland Port Authority.
    Drilling and Blasting underwater high spots in the Port Hedland Shipping Channel.
  • Gas Pipeline
    Client: Saipem for Alinta Gas
    12000m of drill and blast in varying conditions to create a trench 1.8m deep by 1.0m wide within 6-7m of live Dampier to Bunbury gas pipeline. All blasts had to be under a P.P.V. of 50mm/second.
  • Construction of Tug Pens 9 & 10
    Client: Port Hedland Port Authority
    Development of tug-pens 9 & 10 involving supply, fabrication and installation of steel works, pile driving, plumbing, electrical, cathodic protection, floating pontoons and all safety equipment required.
  • Asset Management Contract
    Client: Port Hedland Port Authority
    Manage and maintain all of the Port Hedland Port Authority assets.
    Assets include shiploader, navaids, wharves, mobile plant, street lights and much more.


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